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ProjectDSM Software

ProjectDSM is a tool for project planners and managers. It allows you to develop optimized project plans that are based on the essential information and input/output flows of the project.

ProjectDSM allows you to fully analyze product, process and organizational architectures and identify the hidden project risks and those project elements that are critical for project success – and failure.

ProjectDSM allows you to…

  • Identify and pinpoint critical task input and information dependencies that, if ignored, will lead to substantial rework, delays or even project failure.
  • Analyze and optimize product architectures in terms of dependency-based module and sub-system architecture design.
  • Identify all the project tasks and linchpin elements that will be affected by potential project rework.
  • Identify when and where in a project innovation will be necessary to deliver breakthrough outcomes.
  • Optimize your project plan for either shortest project lead time, lowest cost of rework or reduced project complexity.
  • Keep track of and manage project assumptions.
  • Develop realistic and robust rework contingency budgets.
  • Differentiate project work that is manageable by your project team and work that requires your focused management attention.
  • Create ‘what if’ scenarios to see the effect of different optimization, resourcing and scheduling strategies on project lead time.

For what type of projects can I use ProjectDSM?

ProjectDSM can be used to plan and manage all types of projects. It is a software tool that is most suited for planning projects with significant uncertainty about the potential solution, required inputs and the risks resulting from the uncertainties around project elements. Most innovation projects will fall into this category of projects.

The software allows you to look at product development projects with a view of the product architecture and the process aspects of implementation. It also allows organizational structures to be analyzed to enable successful implementation.

ProjectDSM is not industry specific and therefore can be used for product, service and process design in any industry from the fast moving consumer goods industry to evaluating mergers and acquisitions or designing research projects in the university environment. You can use it to redesign a service workflow, for analyzing a business structure, a business operating system or for developing structured implementation plans.

You can use ProjectDSM for just brainstorming project ideas, for developing the project scope and project charter to the degree required in a formal project initiation process and you can use it to develop the final project and its detailed schedule based on the original project charter.

To download an installation file for a free two-week trial of the ProjectDSM software please click here